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Global Trader


TWS gives every investor, no matter how small or large, the tools professional traders use to gain an edge in the markets. It optimises trading speed using an easy to use spreadsheet style interface, supports more than 50 order types, specialist tools for the advanced trader and contains real time charting and account monitoring.TWS operates as a java based application that runs from your pc.

1. Trading
TWS allows direct access trading for stocks, options, futures and forex across 19 different countries worldwide. Customise your trading window to show whatever you want. Just type the symbol of the product you want to trade into any line and TWS will bring you real time market data for that instrument. When it comes time to trade simply click on the bid or offer to place a trade.
2. Charting
The real time charting feature allows you to apply technical analysis and indicators to your favourite instruments. The charts update dynamically every tick and alerts notify you when conditions are met. The advanced ChartTrader Tool allows you to place orders directly on the chart and send to the exchange with a single click.


3. Real Time Activity Monitoring
The account window allows you to monitor every aspect of your account activity. View your balance, available funds, open profit and losses and cash positions in real time.
4. OptionTrader
OptionTrader is a specialist module for options. This customisable screen is set up specifically to display crucial option price information including implied volatility and the Greeks. It allows you to you display option chains on any underlying and create orders, watch your portfolio and monitor market data. It also drives the model navigator and option analytics functions.


5. FX Trader
FX Trader is another specialist module designed to complement the way an FX trader operates. With one click trading capability and spreads from as low as ? a pip, trading FX with TWS offers many benefits over the usual market made FX platforms.
6. Integrated Stock Window
The Integrated Stock Window is a dynamic window that includes all of the data and order management tools a trader needs to analyse the current market, track activity, make trading decisions and place orders for a selected security. You can elect to work with any or all elements including real-time Level 1 and Level 2 data, charting, account and trade information, and comprehensive, instantaneous order entry.