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Global Trader


Webtrader is a HTML based trading platform that supports direct access trading for stocks, options, futures and forex. It does not contain the specialist trading tools of the full TWS platform but many of the main features are still available in an easier to use interface with less of a learning curve. Many of our single product traders prefer this platform.

The well-labelled tabs and panels break down trading tasks into simple actions.

  Market View shows market data and allows you to create orders with a single click on the Bid or Ask price.     Scanners let you quickly and easily scan global markets for the top performing stocks. Customise your scan with any combination of user-specified search criteria such as instrument type, exchange, or price and volume constraints.
  The Order Management Panel lets you create and modify orders, and view lists of open orders and executions from any tabbed page.     Search provides drop-down boxes to help you easily define your criteria and find contract information and IDs.
  Executions displays current-day execution reports by action, and shows a summary of executions for each underlying.     Fundamentals provide profiles, news, charting, financials, insider trading info, analyst info and SEC filings for any company.
  Account shows you a summary of your account status, your margin requirements, your equity, P&L, and all of your positions.     Preferences lets you modify general settings, like the font size and style, execution reports sorting criteria, and the operating mode (expert allows single-click order transmission).
  Options displays option chains, allowing you to create a new tab for each underlying, and supports one-click order entry.     Customise Tabs helps you customise the application by creating and designing your own page(s).
  Products shows you market data, open orders, executions and a chart for a specific product. Create multiple tabs for multiple products.