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Model Portfolios

Model Portfolios Capital 19 Model Portfolios are designed to help our clients with their international investments. If you don't know where to begin, our model portfolios can be a great place to start and all clients get free access. The portfolios are designed to provide general investment recommendations. You then get the choice of whether to follow the recommendation or not. You can follow the entire portfolio or take individual ideas to construct your own portfolio or take some ideas to add to your existing portfolio.

Goal Oriented Strategy

Construction of each Capital 19 Model Portfolio starts with a particular goal or investment style in mind. We then construct a portfolio or investment approach that seeks to achieve the objective with the least amount of expected risk.

Monitoring and Review

Capital 19 regularly reviews each portfolio and provides details of recommended actions. If you want to receive information about these recommendations, just tell your dedicated adviser who will ensure you receive these updates.

A Cost Effective Solution

This approach provides clients with professional investment advice whilst reserving the right for each client to make the final investment decision. A client can then implement that decision in their Capital 19 account or have their dedicated adviser do it for them.

Our current list of Model Portfolios are:

  • Capital 19 US Equity Large Cap Growth
  • Capital 19 High Dividend Portfolio
  • Weekly Income Strategy
  • Not all model portfolios will be suitable for every investor and it is important to understand these model portfolios are not constructed with any one client in mind. Clients need to decide as to the appropriateness of the portfolio for themselves.