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Our philosophy is to explore global markets and to identify investment opportunities that achieve the highest returns possible for our clients. In fact, Capital 19 was founded upon this philosophy in 2007 when the directors of the business, Matthew Jones and Greg Rynehart, identified tremendous opportunities in the U.S. which yielded extraordinary growth and returns. We've since carved a niche in the market as the global equities experts and have earned the ``trailblazer`` moniker in the process.

Our Mission

To help our clients build internationally diversified portfolios that exceed returns from the Australian Stock Market

Our Values

Capital 19 Global Financial Trading Experts in Profit

Every Client


We understand why you want to invest. Whilst we can’t control the markets, we’ll do whatever we can to help you with your Global Investing.

Capital 19 Global Financial Trading Experts in Partnering

Every Client

a Partner

We want to be your partner in global investing. Simply being an adviser is not good enough for us. We want you to become an advocate of global investing and Capital 19.

Capital 19 Global Financial Trading Experts in Teaching



Successful investing can’t be learnt from a single lesson, as it’s a continually evolving science. We’re always discovering new tactics and opportunities and whatever we learn we’ll share with you.

Meet the Management Team

Matthew Jones

Greg Rynehart