Capital 19 announces strategic partnership with Concierge Traveller

SYDNEY, May 15, 2019 / — Furthering its dedication to being Australia’s leading trading company for global securities, Capital 19 today announced the strategic partnership with Concierge Traveller, a veteran full-service travel company that specialises in unique global travel experiences.

Commenting on the partnership, Capital 19 Managing Director Matthew Jones said “we know that Capital 19 clients love to travel as much as they love to invest, so it made sense to reach out to the travel industry to source additional value for our loyal customers and to introduce our high-touch global investment services to a new audience. Our clients are accustomed to receiving expert investment advice from our experienced Advisors, so it was important to us that our travel partner could offer a similar experience. Concierge Traveller provides tailored travel experiences with their own team of highly experienced travel Advisors, and like us, they’ve harnessed that experience to carve a niche in the market.”

This partnership is very exciting for both organisations and is consistent with their mission to deliver significantly better global investment and travel opportunities for all Australians.

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About Capital 19

Capital19 are regarded as the local experts in global stocks and options, with a focus on the world’s largest and most liquid equity market – the USA. Since 2007, Capital 19 has been helping Australian investors diversify their investment portfolios with stocks, options, and futures from over 19 global markets.  To learn more about Capital 19, please visit their website at .

About Concierge Traveller

Concierge Traveller specialises in unique and inspiring, exclusive experiences around the globe, and provides the ultimate personalised travel experience delivered above and beyond through a comprehensive, innovative and highly interactive service. To learn more about Concierge Traveller, please visit .