We’ve partnered with Australia’s best boutique travel organisation to give our clients even more value.

Capital 19 clients are now able to access some of the best travel experiences the world has to offer, through our travel partners Concierge Traveller.

Concierge Traveller specialises in unique and inspiring, exclusive experiences from around the world, and provides the ultimate personalised travel experience delivered above and beyond through a comprehensive, innovative and highly interactive service.  Concierge Traveller inspires experiences that people wouldn’t normally think about or even know existed.

Concierge Traveller recommends boutique, design-style hotels and interesting and uncommon touring options, experiences and events. They know which restaurants to recommend, how to make the most of a metropolis, where to find hidden gems of a country, the most suited private guide and in many cases, they can speak the native language of the place you’re travelling to.

What gives them an added dimension is the hundreds of priceless years of travel experience of their leisure Advisors. Being in the know means travel is tailored to everyone’s needs, with desirable recommendations and five-star experiences in mind from start to finish. Capital 19 clients recognise the value of receiving one-on-one expert advice when it comes to making the best investment decisions, so we highly recommend the tailored travel services of our travel partner Concierge Traveller.

Benefits available to Capital 19 Clients

Our clients will discover unique experiences and destinations with Concierge Traveller, as well as receiving:


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