The Pandemic Portfolio – Update 2

On March 25th we expanded our Pandemic Portfolio to 24 stocks we thought would benefit from the new remote economy.

Since that time the Dow Jones is up 10.8% so we thought we would take a look at how our portfolio is going.

Ticker Company Industry Gain/loss
CLX Clorox Bleach/Wipes +18.10%
GILD Gilead Corona Treatments +7.13%
REGN Regeneron Corona Treatments +19.06%
TDOC Teladoc Digital Doctor Visits +20.87%
WORK Slack Digital Workforce +8.31%
ZM Zoom Video Digital Workforce +9.74%
PTON Peleton Home Exercise +45.23%
CHGG Chegg Online Education +16.81%
TWTR Twitter Online News +5.93%
PETS 1-800-PetMeds Online Pet Healthcare +24.81%
CHWY Chewy Online Pet Shopping +41.33%
AMZN Amazon Online Shopping +22.37%
FB Facebook Social +13.29%
CPB Campbell Soup Staples Food +21.95%
HRL Hormel Staples Food +16.02%
JNJ Johnson & Johnson Staples Health +23.67%
PG Proctor & Gamble Staples Health +20.11%
NFLX Netflix Streaming Content +24.64%
ATVI Activision Video Games +24.29%
EA Electronic Arts Video Games +26.23%
TTWO Take-Two Video Games +12.56%
AKAM Akami Tech Internet Infrastructure +12.36%
ELY Callaway Golf <10 person leisure +6.73%
HD Home Depot Home Improvement +9.20%

The average stock in our Pandemic Portfolio is up 18.80% handily beating the Dow Jones.

It is also pleasing to see every single one of our 24 picks has gained since we started coverage.

Notably, even though the Dow Jones fell 2.2% yesterday a number of our stocks performed well, even in this down market. Notably WORK gained 10.7% and home exercise company PTON jumped 11.7% we also saw Teledoc shares move 9.18% higher on the day.

Going forward, we would be happy to add any of this positions during market pullbacks