The Pandemic Portfolio – Update 4

On March 25th we published our Pandemic Portfolio of 24 stocks we thought would benefit from the new remote economy.

It has been a while since we looked at them so we thought it was time to check in again and see how they have performed. The table below shows the gain/(loss) since we first published on March 25th 2020.

Ticker Company Industry Gain/loss
CLX Clorox Bleach/Wipes +35.26%
GILD Gilead Corona Treatments +5.05%
REGN Regeneron Corona Treatments +37.66%
TDOC Teladoc Digital Doctor Visits +79.77%
WORK Slack Digital Workforce +11.10%
ZM Zoom Video Digital Workforce +130.26%
PTON Peleton Home Exercise +128.03%
CHGG Chegg Online Education +95.58%
TWTR Twitter Online News +6.62%
PETS 1-800-PetMeds Online Pet Healthcare +11.16%
CHWY Chewy Online Pet Shopping +55.85%
AMZN Amazon Online Shopping +52.52%
FB Facebook Social +17.25%
CPB Campbell Soup Staples Food +3.17%
HRL Hormel Staples Food +12.41%
JNJ Johnson & Johnson Staples Health +2.40%
PG Proctor & Gamble Staples Health +3.73%
NFLX Netflix Streaming Content +33.42%
ATVI Activision Video Games +34.41%
EA Electronic Arts Video Games +28.34%
TTWO Take-Two Video Games +40.60%
AKAM Akami Tech Internet Infrastructure +19.21%
ELY Callaway Golf <10 person leisure +2.23%
HD Home Depot Home Improvement +11.17%

Every single one of these stocks is showing gains since we first published and the average stock is showing a gain of +35.74% which is very impressive.

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