Work hard, play hard.

It’s very likely that Capital 19 have the highest motorcycle per capita of any organisation, so it was only a matter of time before we decided to go riding together, or as it turned out, racing together.

Some of the team recently ventured out to Sydney Motorsport Park G.P. Circuit (Eastern Creek) to take part in motoDNA’s trackSKILLS training program, developed by former MotoGP racers and MotoGP Engineers to help riders reach optimum riding performance. The day is divided into a series of classroom and track sessions, and each session offers the opportunity to focus on specific riding skills. Top speed down the straight was in the realm of 240kph-260kph and turn one is taken close to 180kph, ……. but that’s usually governed by your level of commitment 🙂

Besides learning how to ride on the track, it also allowed us to explore the limits of our motorcycles in a safe and controlled environment. It was an incredible experience and the perfect day out of the office and we look forward to getting out there again sometime soon!