An Australian’s Guide to

Investing in U.S. Stocks

The first question that comes to mind when thinking about investing in U.S. stocks is, why do it? To that question, I would reply, why not? As you’re about to discover, investing in U.S. stocks is much easier than you think and it offers opportunities unobtainable in Australia.

The Australian stock market consists of approximately 2200 companies, the vast majority of which operate in the mining sector. There’s also a very well-established financial sector listed on the ASX dominated by the big four major banks. Outside of the mining and banking sectors, the offerings become pretty thin.

We have no truly multi-national listed companies, no real technology plays, very few biotechnology companies, and even the energy sector is pretty thin. How about automotive, defence, retail or entertainment?

You’ll learn everything you need to know about investing in the U.S. stock market from Australia.



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  • understand why you should invest in U.S. stocks
  • find valuable research on U.S. stocks
  • learn how to invest in U.S. stocks from Australia
  • understand the risks and how to avoid them
  • learn how to keep your assets safe and
  • learn  about the technicalities of buying and selling U.S. shares