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Capital 19 Global Financial Trading Model Portfolios


Capital 19 Global Financial Trading Model Portfolios


Capital 19 Global Financial Trading Model Portfolios

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Our model portfolios are lists of the best stocks we can find right now and should not be thought of as a complete investment portfolio. Rather they are designed to provide you with practical, easy to implement investment ideas. We continually update you on the holdings and why they’ve been selected. You can copy the entire portfolio or individual positions into your own account. Or simply follow what we do to further your education.

Global Growth Portfolio

A value based discretionary model led by one of our senior advisors. Holdings must be premium quality, display bring prospects for growth and be available to purchase at a reasonable price. Find out more.

Dividend Growth Portfolio

A list of 24 stocks that meet our definition of stocks with a history of improving dividend payments every year. Click here to find out why companies with improving dividends are a great place to start looking. Find out more.

Algorithmic Model Portfolio

The Algorithmic Model uses a computer to monitor the markets based on a defined set of rules, removing the emotion from investing. Find out more.

Top 30 Stocks Portfolio

The Top 30 portfolio uses earnings upgrades to find the 30 most upgraded stocks each month. Find out more.