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Capital 19 Global Financial Trading Model Portfolios


Capital 19 Global Financial Trading Model Portfolios


Capital 19 Global Financial Trading Model Portfolios

Free To Every Capital 19 Account Holder

Our model portfolios provide you with practical, easy to implement investment ideas. We continually update you on the holdings and why they’ve been selected. You can copy the entire portfolio or individual positions into your own account. Or simply follow what we do to further your education.

Global Growth Portfolio

The Capital 19 Global Growth Portfolio employs a bottom-up, value style to invest and manage the equity portion of the portfolio. The portfolio aims to be 95% invested in American equities and sets aside 5% to cover any hedging requirements that may arise. The portfolio seeks to identify and invest in American listed companies with a market capitalisation greater than $1 Billion USD which satisfy a stringent set of investment rules. For inclusion in the Capital 19 Global Growth Portfolio, a company must be of premium quality, display bright prospects for earnings and growth in intrinsic value, and be available to purchase at a reasonable price.

The 19-19 Portfolio

The 19-19 is a list of the best 19 stocks we can find in America. Some you will have heard of, others maybe not, but each one is best of breed.

Why 19 stocks exactly? It forces us to make this list the best possible stocks on the market. Every company fights for its place on the list. It’s a tough battle where only the strongest survive. When a new company with great prospects arrives, another must go. Think it’s easy to do? It’s not.

Each company has a reason to be here. Perhaps they are the best in their sector or have an outstanding record of increasing shareholder value or dividend growth. The fast up and comers are trying to knock the established old guard from their positions. Can the big boys still pull out the earnings growth to stay at the top?

Whether you want a global blue chip, a fast-growing small cap, or a big dividend payer, you can find it here. No matter which you choose we are confident you will be happy.