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So far my US stock portfolio has been much better than my Australian stocks.

— Brent, NSW

I was unsure of how to buy a US stock at first, but the guys at Capital 19 really are experts and made it all very easy.

— David, NSW

Needless to say, your Options strategy is the best I can find. Many thanks for making us such an excellent ROI.

— Geoff, NSW

Capital 19 is a unique brokerage firm giving you access to exchanges globally so you can trade equities options and futures around the world. As a client, working with Investment Advisor Jacob Coombs, I’ve benefitted tremendously with the guidance in trading options in the USA market to generate a weekly income and trading local ASX and international shares. When I joined Capital 19 I took comfort dealing with a firm that was committed to their clients in the areas of education and platform operation, offering genuine structured trading plans. My journey in the investment world has changed forever. You are never alone in the trading world with Capital 19. I have full confidence in the sophisticated team with state-of-the-art technology, offering competitive rates in brokerage services and international knowledge of instruments to make money in any market. I am so grateful to be a client of capital 19 as they have helped my investment account grow to where I am today, and I consider them to be my essential trading partner in equities and options.

— Maurice, NSW

Almost every week is profitable. I’m not worried about my retirement anymore.

— Rob, QLD

Capital 19 should be congratulated for providing this opportunity to Australian investors.

— John, VIC

I made 115% on my first US stock. I just wish I had done this years ago.

— Steven, WA

It’s really fantastic!! Hopefully in 4 years time what I have now will be double then how splendid will that be! Great team of really cool guys.

— Les, QLD

Capital 19 has really helped me with my option trading. My confidence and my bank balance are showing it.

— Michael, VIC

The consistent cash from Income19 gives me peace of mind no matter what the economy does.

— John, NSW

Are you aware of just how well the Income 19 strategy compares with the indices? It is just phenomenal, and you and your team can be very proud of this! I know I am!

— Wayne, VIC

Still amazed at how well you guys manage this whole thing. Beyond belief really.

— Kim, NSW

This morning the capital gain on my portfolio exceeded 50% for the 2 years I have been with Capital19. Congratulations and many thanks.

— George, NSW

The support team at Capital 19 are real people that speak clearly on the subject matter and are available to you when you need them.

— Bob, QLD

The support is outstanding. They will walk you through the software so you’ll be able to adapt it to your style of trading.

— Geoff, QLD

The options is just so gob-smackingly brilliant it leaves me somewhat dumbfounded every week as it rolls along almost totally impervious to the machinations all around.

— Neil, NSW

Ease of use. The software is easy to use yet does everything I need and the guys are always there to help when I need it.

— Arnold, NSW

My advisor is just great and I’m so thankful for his patience, guidance and support.

— Catherine, WA